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Media Release

News release

One of Ottawa’s oldest preschools, Rainbow Kidschool, celebrates 50 years!

Nov. 6, 2017

Ottawa—For 50 years, Rainbow Kidschool has been at the leading edge of preschool education in Ottawa. Rainbow opened its doors in 1967 at Carleton University as a research facility and model preschool. Since then, this innovative school has grown into a community leader in early childhood education and development.

Originally known as Carleton University Preschool, Rainbow moved in 1982 to its present location inside Lady Evelyn Alternative School in Old Ottawa East. Rainbow maintained its research ties with Carleton and expanded its program to provide after-school care to Lady Evelyn's kindergarten and school-aged children.

In 1999, Carleton Preschool changed its name to Rainbow Kidschool. It continues to offer preschool (ages two-and-a-half to four years), after-school programs (kindergarten up to 11-year-old students) as well as full-day programs during PD days, Christmas and March breaks and the July summer camp (kindergarten up to 11-year-old students). Spaces are still available in all programs. Rainbow is considering expanding its preschool program to full-day in September 2018.

Drawing on decades of research into early child development, Rainbow has built a reputation as an exciting and stimulating place for young minds to learn and grow. Those who founded the school were pioneers who recognized the critical importance of early education to life-long learning.

In order to honour past alumni, families, friends and former staffers, Rainbow invites them to share their memories of the school online at facebook.com/rainbowkidschool. The school will also celebrate 50 years in the community with activities that extend into the New Year, including a BBQ at the end of the school year.

Please consider a donation to keep this vital community resource going. Rainbow Kidschool is a non-profit organization and a registered charity. Rainbow is proud to be part of the United Way campaign (listed under Carleton Preschool).
For more information, please contact:

Louise Elliott
Member, Board of Directors
Rainbow Kidschool
cell: 613-558-2070

Lucianne Poole
President, Board of Directors
Rainbow Kidschool
tel. 613-231-7811
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Curriculum Guidelines

Rainbow Kidschool uses HDLH (How Does Learning Happen) approach to program planning. Call 613-235-2255 to make arrangements to visit the centre to see how HDLH is implemented and displayed for parent reference.

Program Policy
Although specific goals and skills are desired, building a child`s positive concept of self is always the main objective, for without that, a child will hesitate to try new experiences. Emphasis will be placed on what the child knows and can do in order to encourage a move toward the next step in learning.

For detailed information on our curriculum do not hesitate to contact us.

Snack Time!

Nutritious snacks are served daily, one in the morning program and one in the afterschool program. We follow the Canada Food Guide and keep our snacks low-calorie, high in nutrients and low fat. We always serve fruit and water. For detailed information on what they are having each day have a look at our Parent bulletin board at our centre or contact us.