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Curriculum Guidelines | Snack Time

Curriculum Guidelines

Rainbow Kidschool uses the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) approach to program planning. For details, call 613-235-2255 to make arrangements to visit the centre, to see how ELECT is implemented and displayed for parent reference.

Program Policy
Although specific goals and skills are desired, building a child`s positive concept of self is always the main objective, for without that, a child will hesitate to try new experiences. Emphasis will be placed on what the child knows and can do in order to encourage a move toward the next step in learning.

For detailed information on our curriculum do not hesitate to contact us.

Snack Time!

Nutritious snacks are served daily, one in the morning program and one in the afterschool program. We keep our snacks low-calorie, high in nutrients and low fat. We always serve fruit and water. For detailed information on what they are having each day have a look at our wall bulletin board at our centre or contact us.