Our Classroom

The flow of the room, with its various play areas, allows the children to move from activity to activity at their own pace. We have designed the classroom environment to meet the specific goals set out in our curriculum plan.

Our arts and crafts, sand and water, dress-up and playhouse areas mainly address the children's emotional development.

Our puzzles and games and reading areas focus more on the cognitive side.

Our building blocks area, with its small "unit blocks" help fine motor development, and large "hollow blocks" help gross motor development.

Our outside play area focuses on the physical development as well.

Children visit the play areas individually or in groups of two to four, which fosters their social development.

We frequently transform the appearance and atmosphere of our classroom along with our changing themes - the four seasons, annual events, animals and the children's own expressed interests. The activities change along with the themes.

Our open-concept classroom is bright and spacious with full window viewing along the front and interior windows offering a view to a court area. Kitchen and washroom facilities are also within the centre.

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