About Us

Rainbow Kidschool is a proud member of Child.Family.Connect Inc. Our network of centres is a resource-sharing partnership of five independently operated, non-profit, school-based child care centres.

Our History





Originally known as Carleton University Preschool, we first opened within the Department of Psychology at Carleton University in 1967. At that time, we were designed as a research laboratory for scholars in child psychology. Our mandate was to facilitate and encourage research in child development and to provide the community-at-large with a model preschool.

We moved to Lady Evelyn Alternative School in 1982 and began operating autonomously as Carleton Preschool. This relocation introduced a “seamless day” for Lady Evelyn’s kindergarten and school-aged children. Children from other schools in the community also attended the program, as they do today.

In 1999, Carleton Preschool underwent a program name change and now operates under the name of Rainbow Kidschool. Carleton Preschool holds the licence for Rainbow Kidschool. 

In 2019, we expanded Rainbow Kidschool and began offering a Full Day Preschool Program for families in the community

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy incorporates theoretical principles of such renowned child psychologists as Piaget and Erikson. The program, reflecting its philosophical base, is developmental in nature and allows children to grow and progress at their own rate. We believe that Rainbow Kidschool has to provide an environment conducive to meeting the needs of the whole child, in order to stimulate a love of learning. We believe that by encouraging children to respect others and the environment, they will discover that learning is a rewarding experience.

Positive Interaction

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Positive interaction is viewed as a learning experience. The rules, which are clearly explained to the children, concern their social and physical safety and well-being. The educators help children to see the consequences of their behaviour. Young children benefit from an affirming approach that encourages positive interactions with other children and with adults, rather than from a negative or punitive approach to managing unwanted behaviour.

Volunteers & Students

Students and volunteers play an important part in our program. To help support the safety and well-being of all children at Carleton Preschool – Rainbow Kidschool, all volunteers and students shall follow our Supervision of Volunteers and Students Policy.

All volunteers and students will be required to submit a Criminal reference check, read our program policies and procedures, and sign an acknowledgement form prior to commencing in the program. Volunteers and students will not be counted in the staffing ratios and only employees will have direct unsupervised access to children in the program.


Parents & Guardians

Parents & Guardians

Parents are an important component of the Rainbow Kidschool community. Those with special talents and interests come into the classroom to share with the children. We also welcome parents on field trips and invite them to participate in special events held by the centre from time to time. A Board of Directors, made up of parents, community members, and educators, ensures the efficient operation of the school.

All issues and concerns raised by parents and guardians are taken seriously by Rainbow Kidschool and will be addressed. Every effort will be made to resolve issues and concerns to the satisfaction of all parties as quickly as possible.