Programs and Registration

Full program of active learning for preschool and school-aged children

Our Approach

Our developmental approach stimulates a love of learning in a way that allows children to progress at their own rate. We address the full range of child development needs; emotional, social, physical and cognitive which are the foundation to the building of self-confidence and personal esteem, nurturing each child to feel good about him/herself.

Our approach follows the Ministry guidelines that stimulates a love of learning in a way that allow children to progress at their own rate. Our staff provide learning opportunities based on HDLH (How Does Learning Happen). Through observations, our educators use the children’s interests to plan structured and unstructured activities that meet the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive developmental needs of the children. These are the foundations to building of self-confidence and personal esteem, thereby nurturing each child to feel good about themselves.

Kids With Slime

Our Goals

Kids Gardening

We want our children to develop skills and values that prepare them to participate enthusiastically, safely and productively, in structured learning environments and diverse social settings.

This builds towards:

  • Self-confidence
  • Curiosity
  • A love of learning and awareness of its rewards
  • Trust and mutual respect
  • Effective communication and active listening
  • Creative problem solving in diverse situations
  • Responsible decision-making and appreciation of the consequences

We want to reinforce and complement the guidance and care offered at home and in other settings, through professional and devoted attention to your children while in our care, offering a safe, secure and stimulating physical and social environment, while being respectful and supportive of our families’ needs.

We want to be open to sharing insights and experiences on approaches to learning.

Program Offerings

Preschool Program

Preschool Program

2.5 to 5 years of age

Preschool daily fee $26.46

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program

4 to 5 years of age

Rainbow Kidschool offers a stimulating after-school program for kindergarten-age children as well as full day programs for all non-school days including summer. After school children engage in self-initiated activities, as well as educator-directed learning opportunities, supported by HDLH (How Does Learning Happen) practices. Weather permitting the afternoon begins with outdoor activities. Once inside, the children enjoy a nutritious snack and are offered activities such as art projects, small group activities and games, literacy and numeracy experiences and construction opportunities.

Non-school day programming expands on the after school experiences as well as opportunities for community field trips.

KG after school daily fee $12.00

KG full day daily fee $24.22

School Age Program

School Age Program

6 to 12 years of age

Our School Age program allows children many opportunities to begin to take ownership and responsibility for both the room they are in and their daily activities. From what games they wish to play, what art activities they would like to work on, ensuring the cubby areas are neat and tidy, answering the classroom phone and planning their afternoon snacks, this collaboration between children and educators allows for a stimulating and engaging program that the children are excited to attend every day.

Non-school days allow the children the opportunity to plan for and participate in a relaxing day of activities that they are interested in. Whether it be pyjama parties, building forts, or hosting cookoffs, the children in the program manage to come up with their own fantastic activities which the educators help facilitate.

SA after school daily fee $18.75

SA full day daily fee $54.10

To apply for a space in our programs, all applicants should register through the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist. Subsidies are available through the City of Ottawa.

Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) is a guide that describes how young children learn and develop and is intended to support Ontario’s Child Care Early Years Act and the How Does Learning Happen (HDHL) curriculum in Ontario’s early child settings. ELECT complements curriculum and features a continuum of developmental skills and shared language that supports registed early childhood educators (RECE) across the province. ELECT is intended as a support to the Ontario Day Nurseries Act and has been prepared for use by early childhood educators. It complements curriculum and features a continuum of developmental skills and shared language that supports early childhood educators across childhood settings.



We provide a nutritious mid-day meal for the preschool children prepared onsite.


Nutritious snacks are served daily; one in the morning program, and one in each of the afternoon programs. The snack menu is posted in advance on the parent bulletin board. Should circumstances (allergy/dietary restriction) prevent a child from having a particular snack, the centre will provide a substitute.

If your child has allergies of any kind, please advise the educators. All allergies must be documented on the appropriate registration and medical forms.

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Families who are interested in Rainbow Kidschool are welcome to visit at any time. To arrange a visit or for information about registration or any aspect of the Rainbow Kidschool program, please call 613-235-2255. Those families wishing to register with Carleton Preschool – Rainbow Kidschool should register with Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist at LINK.

Applications will be processed internally, giving priority to siblings and those children who are registered at Lady Evelyn Alternative Public School.

Applications will be reviewed in order of the date on the Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist.